Available medical help on the
de-occupied territory

Our projects


Mobile clinics

A team of doctors in equipped cars goes to the territory where the infrastructure has been destroyed or damaged as a result of the war, to provide free medical services to the population.


Humanitarian aid

We deliver medical supplies, essential items, and personal hygiene items to IDPs and people who have suffered from war in Ukraine.



We train specialists for psychological and medical assistance to victims of the war in Ukraine.


Renovation of premises of medical institutions

We help to repair medical institutions, where lives are constantly being saved. One operating room has already been restored - the beginning is set.


Creation of mobile medical offices

We equip mobile medical offices for the work of doctors in territories where the medical infrastructure has been destroyed by the war.

“Angelia” Charitable Foundation


We create opportunities to receive free quality medical care for people in need.

Hundreds of people can get free professional examinations and consultations from competent doctors. Moreover, they can improve their health and quality of life with the help of the mobile clinic.

We buy medicine, personal hygiene products, support equipment for people with disabilities, walking aids, and food with the funds received.

We distribute everything purchased to people who were forced to leave their homes because of the war, vulnerable people, low-income people, the elderly, and orphans.


We create platforms, courses, educational lectures, and training for your development.

We know doctors who will gladly tell you exciting and helpful information about your physical and mental health in a simple way. They will give advice and answer your questions.

We cooperate with clinics and look for qualified psychologists and psychotherapists who can provide free consultations with love and care.

We are always in touch with chaplains. They are always ready to pray with you and provide the necessary support.


Our activity


Mobile clinic

Mobile clinic trip to Izyum city

We visited the de-occupied city of Izyum (Kharkiv region) with the "Mobile Clinic" charity medical project.


Renovation of premises of medical institutions

Renovation of the operating room in the Lviv region

Our foundation helped to repair the operating room, where about 8-10 operations per day take place every day without stopping.


Palliative care

Assistance to the family of a disabled grandmother

The fund provides assistance directly to persons who are especially in need. Thank you to everyone who supports us.

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